Do massage guns really help with muscle pain?

Over the last 2 years percussive massage guns have become really popular among athletes, physios, trainers and basically anyone who is looking for help with their distressed muscles. They look very similar to a standard power drill but instead of drilling nails these guns are made to help drill out any tight areas of the muscle. Massage guns vibrate your muscle with powerful, short burst which act just like getting a traditional massage. By doing this they increase blood flow to your muscle which then irons out these sore areas as well as delivering vital nutrients to these distressed areas.

Ask the physio: Sports massage

When they first hit the market a massage gun was costing approximately €500 which is quite expensive. Like anything however, the prices come down over time and not you can get a massage gun on sale for €129.00 or even less depending on where you shop. With these devices you can now massage your own muscles in your own home without the need to go to a physio therapy every time you need some muscle pain relief. That is not to say that there is no need for physiotherapists of course! They do a vital job and of course they are needed, but for muscle soreness after workouts this is a great tool for some home pain relief. Also not many people can afford to go to a physical therapist 2/3 times per week but they could be working out a few days a week and need massage therapy to keep the muscles working well.

By going to the gym you are tightening your muscles each time you are using them. Stretching after a workout is vital but so is massaging your muscle. Many athletes would foam roll after their workout but now they can use a massage gun and it is also much easier to use than a foam roller. So if you are suffering from muscle soreness try out a massage gun and see what they can do for you!

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Video Game Chairs – Comfortable Gaming in Style

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

There are various ways to increase gaming experience, and one of the most effective that has long-term benefits is the video game chair. These chairs are made in different styles and with different materials, from vinyl to leather and cloth covering. Their main purpose is to offer a comfortable gaming experience.

Doctors have taught us that if we are spending too much time in front of a computer/LCD, we need to at least do it in a comfortable chair. One that not only relaxes our body but also stimulates our blood flow and prevents our muscles from becoming tense.

When it comes to their main style, there are four types of video game chairs: the rockers (these chairs can rock from one side to another), the sliders, and the regular chairs. The latter is not as common since building a rocker or a slider doesn’t add too much cost, and their additional functionality really does make a difference.

Video game chairs look more or less like office chairs. Since players tend to move in their chairs more than office workers do, they are looking for a bit more comfort in their chairs. A gaming chair mat will also be a wise acquisition when buying a video game chair. This will prevent damage to the floor or carpet.

Gaming chairs often have pockets on their sides for storing various types of controllers and game accessories. Other have even more stuff such as wireless surround sound to extend the gaming experience even more. Some gaming chairs from housetech also come with special mounts for gear shifts, steering wheels, joysticks, and other types of controllers.

The price range for a video game chair various a lot. For younger kids, a $50-100 chair is usually a good investment, however, an adult will require a more robust chair that can cost $500 or more. Of course, the player’s preferences must be taken into account when purchasing a video game chair.

Early History of Video Games

The evolution of video games can be traced to the year 1947. Thomas T. Goldsmiths Junior working with Estle Ray Mann came up with what is now referred to as the first video game. Theirs was a very simple video game that relied on cathode ray tube technologies existent at the time. It is the first video game to have been patented. Records indicate this was done in December 1948. The device was analog and did not use digital technology.

This paved way for numerous inventions. Each passing year from then has seen a tremendous improvement in video game devices. As the world advanced to the computer age, video games were not left behind. In the 1950s, video games for computer applications were developed in Britain and in the USA. This period saw a few video games successfully launched. Examples included draught computer games, NIMROD, Mouse in the Maze, and Tennis for Two among other success stories. This marked the transition from analog video games to digital video games. Several other inventions followed into the sixties.

Moving fast forward into the seventies saw the introduction of video arcade games and console representatives. These were major milestones in the history of video games. Most of these inventions were being carried out as a hobby by university students. The income potential provided by video games had yet to be fully taken advantage of. However, as days went by, established firms started marketing video games extensively.

The period from the late eighties onwards has been marked by an increase in complexity and sophistication in computer games. The future looks bright.