Do massage guns really help with muscle pain?

Over the last 2 years percussive massage guns have become really popular among athletes, physios, trainers and basically anyone who is looking for help with their distressed muscles. They look very similar to a standard power drill but instead of drilling nails these guns are made to help drill out any tight areas of the muscle. Massage guns vibrate your muscle with powerful, short burst which act just like getting a traditional massage. By doing this they increase blood flow to your muscle which then irons out these sore areas as well as delivering vital nutrients to these distressed areas.

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When they first hit the market a massage gun was costing approximately €500 which is quite expensive. Like anything however, the prices come down over time and not you can get a massage gun on sale for €129.00 or even less depending on where you shop. With these devices you can now massage your own muscles in your own home without the need to go to a physio therapy every time you need some muscle pain relief. That is not to say that there is no need for physiotherapists of course! They do a vital job and of course they are needed, but for muscle soreness after workouts this is a great tool for some home pain relief. Also not many people can afford to go to a physical therapist 2/3 times per week but they could be working out a few days a week and need massage therapy to keep the muscles working well.

By going to the gym you are tightening your muscles each time you are using them. Stretching after a workout is vital but so is massaging your muscle. Many athletes would foam roll after their workout but now they can use a massage gun and it is also much easier to use than a foam roller. So if you are suffering from muscle soreness try out a massage gun and see what they can do for you!

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