Safety work boots now being considered for hospitality

With the world going health and safety mad it is no surprise that that hospitality is being looked for how they carry out their business. With lockdowns most cafes and restaurants have been severely affected by restricted opening hours and this is before we get into the health and safety standards for the kitchens. Although it is important to make sure that the kitchen is up to standard and this is something we definitely approve of, safety footwear in a restaurant does seem a tad excessive.

Chefs for example will have to wear waterproof work boots and this is to ensure their safety in case of a hot water spillage in the kitchen. Whilst we do understand this could be a hazard it is unlikely a steel toe boot is necessary. Perhaps something like an S1 safety shoe would do the job as this would be some what waterproofed however we won’t get bogged down in these details here.

We do not agree that waiters and waitresses will have to wear S1 safety footwear as even if they drop something on their foot it is unlikely to have of a heavy object. Again a S1 style shoe could be worn here as they are pretty light but IF this is the case then it should be provided by the establishment and not the employee. Having taken a look online their are websites go to that seem to have a range of this style for around the €50 mark so it is not going to be too big a ask for a business to provide these.

We do however not want to turn everything into a nanny state like some other countries and we fear that this could be the case with rulings like this. Another example of this, not in the work place but in society is that kids are not allowed to run around the school yard. This seems crazy and getting cuts and bruises is part of being a kid. Anyway as we said we will leave this argument for another post but just wanted to sight this here..